The Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media

Wondering what the best times and days are to post on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? The folks over at Quick Sprout created a helpful infographic that shows when your posts could receive the most interaction. Some are surprising, but we’ll give it a shot!

Did any of these surprise you? Tell us in the comments below!


Facebook Makes it Easier for Page Admins to Like, Comment, Post

Facebook Page Update

You no longer have to switch to “Use Facebook As” to like a company post! This new update to Facebook pages makes it much easier for admins to switch between their personal and business page when posting, liking and commenting. Just simply select the dropdown in the status or comment area and choose how you would like to communicate. Easy peasy!

The CIA Tweets Again

This year, the CIA joined Twitter and posted their first Tweet on June 6.

Their appearance drew much attention and received over 300,000 retweets. Last week to celebrate one month on Twitter, the CIA, or their social media manager, showed their sense of humor once again by answering the “top 5” questions they have received on Twitter.







Twitter’s New Profile Goes Live for Everyone on May 28

Twitter’s new profile layout will go live for all users on May 28.

The new profile features an updated layout, new header image and the ability to pin tweets to the top of your page. Best tweets, or tweets with more engagement, also appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find. When navigating twitter, you can also choose to filter tweets when checking out other profiles. You can choose to view tweets, tweets with photos or videos and tweets and replies.

If you haven’t already done so, you can switch to the new layout simply by visiting your profile. You will see a preview of what your new profile would look like and choose to turn it on now or wait.

Old Twitter Layout:
Old Twitter Layout

New Twitter Layout:
New Twitter Layout

What do you think of the new Twitter layout?

What is Happening to LinkedIn Company Products and Services

Starting on April 14, 2014, the LinkedIn Company Products and Services tab will be removed from all LinkedIn company pages. This feature will no longer be supported by LinkedIn. Until April 14, users can still edit existing products and services but will not be able to add new products and services.

LinkedIn Remove Products Services

At LinkedIn, we aim to provide a simple and efficient experience for our members. To do this, we’re continuously evaluating how our current products and features are used, and seeking new ways to focus our resources on building the best products. This sometimes results in the retirement of certain features. So on April 14th, the Products & Services tab will be removed from all LinkedIn Company Pages.

LinkedIn suggests saving the information and recommendations you have gathered by copying them into a separate document.

LinkedIn also suggests two ways to now share information about products and services – showcase pages and company updates:

  • Showcase Pages allow you to extend your Company Page presence by creating a dedicated page for prominent products and services. A Showcase Page should be used for building long-term relationships with members who want to follow specific aspects of your business, and not for short-term marketing campaigns.
  • Company Updates are key to building relationships with your page followers. When your followers engage with your updates, it spreads your message to their networks and provides you even greater reach. Updates can be seen by your followers not just on your Company Page, but also on their newsfeed (across all devices including mobile).

Read more about this on LinkedIn.